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What to do if you Think you Have COVID-19

Until we have a vaccine or cure for COVID-19, everyone has to do their part in keeping themselves and the people around them as safe as possible. If you think you’ve contracted the virus, there are a few important things you should do first. Even if you don’t actually have it, you should stay on the safe side until you know for sure. Here’s what you should do if you think you have COVID-19.


First, you need to self-isolate until you know whether or not you have the virus. If you live with other people, you should try to isolate yourself away from them in a closed room. Do everything you can to eliminate any contact with other people. This keeps you safe from outside health risks, but its most important function is keeping everyone around you safe from the spreading of the virus if you have it. 

Have a healthy person in your home disinfect high-contact surfaces and make sure to wear a mask if anyone has to enter your room. Keep at least six feet away from others at all times and don’t make physical contact with anybody.

Track Your Symptoms

Pay attention to your symptoms. Is it normal for you to have allergies around this time of year? Did your symptoms come on suddenly? How severe are your symptoms? Have you lost your sense of taste or smell? Write down anything about your symptoms that you think you should bring up with a medical professional.

Call Your Doctor

The next thing you should do is get in contact with your doctor. If you live in an area where drive-thru COVID-19 testing is widely available, you can skip this step. If testing resources are limited where you live, you might be required to get a recommendation from your doctor first. Your doctor can review your symptoms and recommend a plan, whether it be further social isolation or getting tested. If you’re at a higher risk of complications from COVID-19, ask your doctor what you should do about it.

Get Tested

You’ll probably have to schedule your test at least a day ahead of time, and some areas will require you to have a doctor’s recommendation to get tested. If you have a recommendation or don’t need one, make an appointment and get to the testing location at least ten minutes early. Drive-thru COVID-19 testing is contactless, meaning you’ll have to perform the test yourself with instructions from the pharmacist.

COVID-19 Testing at MD365®

MD365® is a comprehensive primary and urgent care clinic with two locations in Shirley and Lake Ronkonkoma, New York. We work hard to offer fast, affordable, quality healthcare services to all of our patients so we can keep our community healthy. For flu vaccinations, COVID-19 testing, or televisits with a talented physician or nurse practitioner, MD365® can help. If we don’t have the resources to treat you, we’ll refer you to a specialist who can. Our services are covered by most insurance policies, so schedule your appointment at one of our clinics today!



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We offer walk-in visits as well. Wait times may vary depending on the time of the day.

When you arrive to our facility, please ask our staff to register you for patient portal, which will give you access to view your records, lab results, medications, vitals, request medication refills, message providers, etc.

Fees: $200.00 + Costs for required Blood Tests & Vaccinations.

Services include:

  • Medical Examination by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • All USCIS Required Blood Tests and Vaccinations.
  • Completion of a Sealed and Certified Form I-693