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What Is the Difference Between Urgent Care and Primary Care?

Find the best health care services at a local primary care or urgent care facility.

When you’re suffering quietly through illness or injury, you have a few options as to your medical care. In most cities, especially for health care services in Shirley, NY and Lake Ronkonkoma, NY, you have primary care, urgent care, and the emergency room in worst-case scenarios. However, an urgent care clinic could be the best choice when compared to an emergency room. But for everything else, primary care is satisfactory. In the moment, when you’re feeling at your worst, choosing between the two can pose a problem.

Urgent Care Services

An urgent care clinic is designed to support each and every patient throughout an urgent medical ordeal or condition. However, urgent care clinics do not deal with life-threatening illnesses or severe injuries. For that, you need to visit a nearby emergency room. For everything else, an urgent care facility will suffice.

  • First, urgent care clinics are open far longer than primary care clinics – often 24/7 – and were designed with walk-in patients in mind. Still, many accept appointments and you can visit on the same day you call due to their fast turnaround.
  • You’ll pay a fraction of the price for urgent care services as compared to an emergency room.
  • Lastly, most urgent care clinics are taking a long-term approach to treating patients by working with your primary care physician to share medical information and previously used medications.

Primary Care Services

When it comes to long-term health care services and solutions, nothing beats a fantastic primary care physician. Your primary doctor will play a significant role in your overall wellbeing for a number of reasons.

  • First and foremost, your primary care physician – new or old – will know your medical history and any conditions you have suffered from in the past. They have direct access to your medical records, therefore providing a more educated conclusion when you present with new symptoms. Furthermore, their long-term services are ideal for dealing with chronic conditions.
  • Next, primary care physicians are your primary point of contact for illness and chronic pain/discomfort caused by a new or old condition.

Which is Right for You?

In most cases, when you’re feeling under the weather, a primary care physician will suffice. But if you’re injured while doing yard work, for example, then an urgent care facility is better suited to your needs.

However, it’s important to note that most urgent care facilities treat the same conditions as a primary care clinic. There are cases when you should consider primary care over urgent care – for instance, when managing long-term medications, supporting chronic illness, or maintaining complete medical records.

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