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What Does a Primary Care Physician Do?

Primary care physician discussing with a patient. Mistik Health.

A primary care physician is one of the most common medical professionals that patients choose to see. At MD 365, our primary care physicians provide care that goes beyond many people’s expectations. We understand this, which is why we wanted to take the opportunity to explain the role of a primary care physician, and showcase why they are a great place to start when searching for medical care.

Preventative Care and More

A primary care physician can perform a variety of preventative care procedures to stay ahead of any medical concerns. These range from vaccinations to screening for various forms of cancer. Many primary care physicians perform PAP smears and other women’s health care needs, though specific preventative care options will vary from one primary care physician to another. All of these measures are important, as they can lead to early disease detection, often meaning the difference between its progression or cure.

Diagnosis and Management of Diseases

Because of their ability to detect the early stages of disease, a primary care physician has the ability to make a diagnosis. With thorough testing performed ahead of time, they can often pinpoint the root of the issue is and refer a patient to the right specialist. That way, treatment can begin quickly as opposed to having to wait longer for preliminary testing. Beyond a diagnosis, a primary care physician can help guide their patients in the management of a new chronic condition like diabetes, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol. They can create a care plan for you and coordinate information with any other specialists you require.

You\’ve Probably Already Seen a Primary Care Physician

Whether it was for school or for work, odds are you have already seen a primary care physician at some point, as they are the go-to for annual physical exams. Through these annual physicals, your primary care physician can routinely monitor your health from year to year to make sure everything is in check.

Contact MD365® With Any Questions

At MD365®, we are always here to answer any of your questions regarding medical care. We want you to feel as confident as possible when choosing us as your health care provider, and will steer you in the right direction based on your needs. If you are searching for a primary care physician or another type of medical professional, don’t hesitate to contact us at 631-772-4646. We are based in Shirley, NY and serve residents throughout the surrounding area.



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When you arrive to our facility, please ask our staff to register you for patient portal, which will give you access to view your records, lab results, medications, vitals, request medication refills, message providers, etc.

Fees: $200.00 + Costs for required Blood Tests & Vaccinations.

Services include:

  • Medical Examination by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • All USCIS Required Blood Tests and Vaccinations.
  • Completion of a Sealed and Certified Form I-693