What Are the Benefits of Having a Family Physician?

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When it comes to the choice of who cares for your family’s health, we know you want all of the facts. A family physician is one of the most common choices for care providers, and for good reason. Family physicians offer numerous benefits, which could make them the best option for your needs.

A Family Physician Knows Their Patients

When you see a new doctor as an adult, the only knowledge they have of you during your first appointment is the information you provide to them – your health history up until the point of your visit. While this isn’t a bad thing, a patient who has gone to the same family physician for years will be at an advantage. This type of physician can see patients of any age – from infants to the elderly. They know the medical procedures you’ve had, the medications you’ve been prescribed, and your family history. More than that, they have built an invaluable relationship with you. The degree of trust between family physicians and their patients makes any diagnosis or treatment that much easier.

Family Physicians Can Treat Many Different Health Concerns

A family physician is a multi-faceted role. They can treat minor, one-time issues, help a patient manage chronic illnesses like asthma or diabetes, or provide preventative care, like annual physicals and immunizations. They can even help you tackle mental health challenges. These kinds of appointments are easier to handle if you seen this doctor for some time; they’ll have a better understanding of any physical and behavioral changes you’re experiencing. Medical issues can get personal, and it comes back to the trust factor. A patient who knows a doctor well will feel more comfortable discussing sensitive topics.

A Family Physician Can Make Diagnoses and Refer to Specialists

Due to their knowledge of your family history, a family physician can better diagnose unexpected health changes, including serious illnesses. If you have a history of certain conditions in your family, a family physician will keep those in mind, make a diagnosis, and get you treatment sooner. Furthermore, given that they know you well, your family physician can make the best recommendations for specialists if you need a referral.

Your Ideal Family Physician Is at MD 365

At MD 365, we have an incredible network of family physicians that can provide medical care to your family members moving forward. Our goal is to provide you with all of the information you need to make the right decisions for your health. Let us know how we can help! Contact us today at 631-772-4646. We are based in Shirley, NY.

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