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Televisits and More: How COVID-19 Has Changed the Face of Healthcare

To help combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, the CDC has recommended everyone to stay home as much as possible, and to avoid being around anybody who’s sick. This poses a problem for anyone seeking medical help, which is why the healthcare industry has embraced a technology it was one hesitant about: televisits are soaring in popularity in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to see and treat patients, and they could change the way we practice medicine forever. 

Why Televisits Struggled to Take Off

When televisits, a remote way of meeting with patients over phone or video call, were first introduced, doctors were hesitant to use them. Just in the U.S., studies showed that 82 percent of consumers had never used televisit services before the COVID-19 pandemic. Doctors worried that the technology didn’t take cultural aspects into account, and they questioned the reliability of televisits as a way to treat patients. Only a handful of countries around the world had embraced this technological advancement, and it didn’t take off as well as some had hoped. 

Then COVID-19 was introduced, and doctors were faced with the issue of treating infected patients while reducing the spread. Suddenly, nearly every hospital, clinic, and private practice started offering televisits. 

The Benefits of Televisits

Other than their ability to promote social distancing and reduce exposure during the COVID-19 pandemic, televisits can be useful to patients who suffer from mobility issues. They can also be used to help patients who have debilitating anxiety or agoraphobia and can’t leave their homes. Televisits mean patients with disabilities, or even those who just have busy lives, can still get the medical help they need whenever they need it. Televisits are still covered under some insurance plans, meaning they’re easily accessible to most people. 

How COVID-19 Changed the Attitude Towards Televisits

COVID-19 made visiting doctors a terrifying thought for most people, and those who might be infected are being urged to stay home. With these limitations, doctors realized that televisits could be a lifesaving technology. Televisits give doctors and patients the option to practice social distancing while still giving and receiving medical care. Even when the COVID-19 pandemic calms down, televisits might be here to stay.

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Even if you aren’t suffering from COVID-19, don’t take the risk of walking into a clinic or hospital unless you need to. MD365® is still dedicated to treating all our patients, which is why our physicians and nurse practitioners are available for televisits over phone or video call. We can talk with you, make a diagnosis, and send prescriptions to your pharmacy without the risk of leaving your home. MD365® takes pride in offering high-quality primary and urgent care at lower prices than other clinics. We have on-site labs to process most common tests, and our team is equipped to treat nearly any condition. Call or visit our website to schedule your televisit today!



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