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Signs You May Be Starting Menopause

Mental Health

A lot of women over the age of 40 worry that they are approaching menopause. Although early menopause can happen, only five percent of women between the ages of 40 and 45 experience it. Inevitably, every woman will go through menopause. Although, this generally doesn’t occur until the latter half of a woman’s 40s. As estrogen levels drop, your body will begin to change. Those changes may vary depending on your immune system, medical conditions, estrogen and progesterone levels, as well as other hormone levels. If you’re wondering whether you’re starting menopause, you should talk to your doctor. Here are the most notable signs you might be starting menopause that you need to pay attention to and report to your MD365® physician.

Menopausal Symptoms to Pay Attention To

In the United States, the average age for menopause is 51. Generally speaking, if your menstrual cycles become few and far between, you’re probably in the perimenopausal stage. Once you haven’t had your period for 12 or more months, then you’re officially in menopause.

Irregular Periods

Irregular periods might be the first sign you notice. However, most women are only on the lookout for a complete stop in their periods. In reality, irregular menstrual periods can happen due to extenuating factors like birth control:

  • Shorter or longer periods
  • Spotting in-between periods
  • Heavy bleeding or bleeding that lasts longer than seven days
  • Periods that resume after a long period with no bleeding at all

Vaginal Changes and Bladder Issues

Physical changes often accompany the onset of menopause. So you might notice some vaginal dryness or incontinence. Another issue that may arise includes more frequent bladder infections.


Women approaching menopause may also experience mood swings or emotional outbursts. Hormonal changes affect your mood, so you might find yourself becoming easily irritated.

Trouble Sleeping

You might notice some changes in your sleep schedule. If you can’t fall asleep or wake up frequently during the night, that’s another sign you’re entering menopause. The same goes for waking up earlier than usual.

Hot Flashes or Night Sweats

Hot flashes are obviously one of the most infamous signs of menopause. Due to changing levels of estrogen, many women experience hot flashes and night sweats during menopause. Unfortunately, these symptoms may last longer than others. You may even experience hot flashes for a few years after menopause.

Changes in the Libido

Menopause often affects how we feel about sex– libidos change. Some women experience a complete lack of sexual desire. However, other women experience the opposite change. Many women feel more attractive and have a higher libido. If that’s the case with you, pay attention to potential consequences. Just because you’re starting menopause doesn’t mean you can’t get pregnant. It’s rare, but it happens.


It often affects higher cognitive abilities. You might find yourself forgetting small details like where you put your glasses or past events.

MD365® Women’s Health Checks

If you’re over 40, your period is irregular, you’re gaining weight, or you feel uncharacteristically moody, you might be starting menopause. However, that’s not always the case. That’s why you must get yourself checked out by a women’s health doctor right away!

Here at MD365®, we offer women’s health checks for women of all ages. No matter what stage of your menstrual cycle you are in and what your needs may be, our excellent professional staff will help you get the medical attention that you need. So book your consultation today!



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