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5 Tips for Finding the Best Primary Care Physician for You and Your Family

primary care physician

Few decisions in life are as important as finding the right primary care physician. They will be responsible for monitoring your health, healing your wounds, and ensuring that you live a long life. To guarantee that you have a great experience and receive the best care, you’ll need to find a doctor you feel comfortable with, and who will take you at your word when you think there’s something wrong. Many people get stuck with primary care physicians who disregard what they say or force them out of the office without actually administering any care. 

This is not only frustrating but can even turn out to be fatal in serious cases. The doctors at MD365® in Shirley, New York want to ensure that patients are matched with doctors that care about them and their health. That’s why today, we have some tips to help you choose the best primary care physician for you, whether that’s with one of our doctors or not. 

Check With Your Healthcare Insurance

You can keep your costs low by looking for an in-network doctor on your insurance provider’s website. Oftentimes, the doctor’s listing will mention their specialty, location, and patients can even review them! You’ll want to pay close attention to their existing reviews to ensure their current patients are having a good experience with them before you decide to entrust them with your health. 

Ask for Recommendations and Look at Reviews

Continuing with the theme of researching and reviewing patient testimonials– ask friends and family members who their doctor is and what they like and dislike about them. People looking for a new primary care physician can also look at social media and Google My Business reviews to better understand how satisfied patients are. If you see a 2-star review, that should immediately send up a red flag because that means that even if the doctor provides stellar healthcare services, they may not be creating a good environment or a positive experience for their patients. 

What Does Your Doctor Specialize In?

Doctors can specialize in many different areas, so use that to your advantage. Perhaps they’re knowledgeable about genetics, diagnostics, dermatology, women’s health, or some other subspecialty. A doctor who is skilled in a specific area may benefit you if that’s something you struggle with or something you’re at risk for based on your family’s medical history. 

For example, if heart disease runs in your family, you may want a healthcare provider with a cardiology background. Women who are are having trouble getting pregnant may prefer a primary care physician that has experience as an OB/GYN or a reproductive endocrinologist. Meanwhile, parents who are raising teens may want a doctor that is also familiar with adolescent medicine, sports medicine, or even dermatology since it’s likely that their child may need care in those areas. 

Schedule Availablity and Office Accessibility

While COVID-19 may be dying down, urgent care facilities, doctor’s offices, and hospitals are still being overrun by sick people. Make sure whoever you select as your primary care physician has enough time in their schedule to see you for regular doctor’s visits, especially if you’re battling a chronic illness. 

You should also be sure that they’re accessible to you. Finding the perfect doctor is useless if they’re too far away to help you. Try to find a primary care provider located near your home, office, or school so that if something comes up, you can schedule an appointment when you have some spare time. 

You also need to consider your transportation options. Is there a bus stop near the office? Do you have a vehicle? Can you afford a taxi or Uber? Try to develop a transportation plan before you determine who your new doctor will be. 

You should also ask your doctor if they offer telehealth visits. This is a great option for people who are busy or have unreliable transportation. 

Make Certain That Your Doctor is a Good Fit

Find a doctor that speaks your language. While that can mean, well, the language or dialect you’re most comfortable speaking, it goes beyond that. Your doctor should be patient. When looking over their reviews, see if they hear out their patients and are willing to answer all of your questions. Ensure that they don’t rush you and explain things to you in a way you can understand. The last thing you want when dealing with an illness is having to decode all of the medical jargon being thrown at you. 

You also need to be confident that you’ll be able to tell them about any symptoms you’re experiencing, even the ones you think are embarrassing. That could mean seeking out a doctor that’s the same gender as you, is familiar with your religion, or fits any criterion you have that helps you feel safe and comfortable while discussing your health. 

Primary Care Physician in Shirley, NY

If you’re looking for a healthcare provider that you can trust in Suffolk county, look no further than MD365®. Our experienced and compassionate doctors and hospital staff are knowledgeable in many subspecialties and always strive to ensure patients are comfortable and understand their treatment plan. When you entrust MD365® with you and your family’s healthcare, we always go the extra mile to keep you happy and healthy. Contact us today and one of our staff members can answer your questions and set you up with an introductory doctor’s appointment. 



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