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Prenatal Care Every Pregnant Woman Needs For a Healthy Pregnancy

A child is an amazing gift. As an expecting mother, you’ll want to do everything in your power to ensure you have a safe delivery and a healthy baby. There are many things you can do to prepare that will benefit your child during gestation and after their birth. From buying a crib and baby formula to obtaining prenatal care, the responsibilities are endless. MD365® provides the best pregnancy care in Shirley, New York. Your doctor at MD365® will conduct regular checkups to ensure the baby is growing healthily. They will also help diagnose and prevent any serious conditions. Our doctors are more than happy to guide and prepare you to give birth. MD364 will be by your side every step of the way.

What to Expect: 1st Trimester Visits

During the first trimester, you will have an appointment approximately every four to six weeks. We will discuss your medical history and determine risk factors during your first visit. Some of the topics we will go over can include your menstrual cycle, gynecological history, past pregnancies, lifestyle, travel history, family medical history, and medications. We may run a physical exam and lab tests as well. 

These tests will check your blood pressure and type, track your weight, and determine how much weight you need to gain for a healthy pregnancy. Future first trimester visits will be a little shorter, and less intensive. These appointments are the ideal time to ask questions or bring up concerns that you may have. You will also need to discuss nutrition, exercise, sex, travel, vaccinations, and prenatal vitamins, such as Ritual Essential Prenatal Vitamins, with your physician. By the end of the first trimester, you might even be able to hear your baby’s heartbeat with a doppler machine.

Continual Growth and Prenatal Care: 2nd Trimester Visits

During your second trimester, you will need to visit your doctor at MD365® every second or third week. They will need to continuously run blood tests to check your blood count and iron levels and monitor your weight, blood pressure, and urine. You will also get to interact with your baby more during these visits. Your health practitioner will measure your abdomen to keep track of your baby’s development, you will listen to their heartbeat more often, and your doctor will check for fetal movements, like kicking. Your OB-GYN will conduct fetal ultrasounds to figure out the autonomy and sex of the baby too.

The Home Stretch: Third Trimester Visits

You will have appointments every week until you deliver the baby. You will undergo regular testing to check your blood pressure and weight, among other exciting assessments. The baby’s position is checked, you will be asked if you are leaking fluid, bleeding, or experiencing contractions. You will be screened for Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) and advised about vaccinations. Don’t forget to ask questions about labor and delivery during this time too. 

Prenatal Care in Shirley, NY

At MD365®, we offer full healthcare support for you and your baby! We have a professional team of doctors, specialists, and nurses who specialize in pregnancy and maternal care. We also offer our services at an affordable price. From screenings to labor, we are with you every step of the way. Our practitioners will give you key information about labor and delivery, breastfeeding, nutrition, family planning, and more. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our prenatal care and services.



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We offer walk-in visits as well. Wait times may vary depending on the time of the day.

When you arrive to our facility, please ask our staff to register you for patient portal, which will give you access to view your records, lab results, medications, vitals, request medication refills, message providers, etc.

Fees: $200.00 + Costs for required Blood Tests & Vaccinations.

Services include:

  • Medical Examination by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • All USCIS Required Blood Tests and Vaccinations.
  • Completion of a Sealed and Certified Form I-693