Mental And Physical Holiday Health

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This holiday season, make sure you keep your mental and physical holiday health in mind. The holidays are a mix of emotions for everyone, some good and some bad, so regardless of how you generally feel about the holidays, make sure you keep an eye on your holiday health.

The holidays are very busy times of the year. People are rushing for gifts and ingredients for their favorite dishes, people drive hastily on the road, and it is important to watch out for yourself so that your holiday health, both mental and physical, doesn’t suffer. It is easy to let your mental and physical holiday health suffer when you are busy.

Don’t Forget About Self Care

The holiday spirit may emphasize selflessness and the act of giving, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forget about what you need. There is a balance, and while it can be hard to find the right balance for you, here are a few ways to find what works for your mental and physical holiday health.

First, if you find yourself in an overwhelming situation, you can excuse yourself to try one of these calming tactics. Make sure that you are still prioritizing the things you need to keep your mental health in check. Just because you are busy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t carve out time for yourself.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

Make sure you get plenty of sleep. We need sleep for our bodies and minds both to heal and recover. Even if you are not experiencing a severe injury or something else, getting plenty of sleep will help keep you ready to make an appearance at your holiday parties.

If you are stressed from all the holiday demands, sleep can significantly de-stress you. When you are well-rested, your mind and body are at their best. Your problem-solving abilities will be sharp so that when you are stressed you can work through the problem rationally and not frantically.

Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

Alcohol use increases significantly during the holidays. Some use it as a coping mechanism for a partially difficult time of year, and some use it to have fun since they have more time off. Drink responsibly because the problems that are associated with abusing alcohol are serious.

Don’t use it as a coping mechanism. If you use it to cope, you will soon become dependent on it. Even if this time of year is especially difficult, find another method that will help you handle stressful situations. Meditation or talking to a friend can be a great way to process difficult times of the year. Even when you are just drinking for fun, count your drinks and be mindful of what your healthy limit is.

Have A Few Sweets, But Not Too Many

Sweets and deserts are one of the best parts of the holidays. But just as you should watch your alcohol intake, watch your sugar intake as well. You have heard the warnings of too much sugar time and time again, but consuming too much sugar is still a problem. Not to mention, most alcoholic beverages also contain a lot of sugar. If you are partaking in both desserts and alcoholic beverages, make sure you don’t consume too much sugar.

Sugar can cause major health issues, and studies have shown that your risk for diseases such as diabetes increases when you consume too much sugar. 

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