Managing A Healthy Holiday Season

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“Healthy” and “holiday season” don’t always seem like they mix, but keeping your health prioritized during this time of year can make a big difference in your overall health! As MD365™ knows, it can be a simple thing to let some of the good habits you’ve established slip a little bit. With so many delicious food options, the chilly weather, and the chance to lounge around with family, it’s no wonder that many people see their diets and workout regimens get derailed around this time of year. MD 365 is here with a few tips on how to survive this upcoming season with minimal disruptions in your personal health program.

A Healthy Holiday Begins With Staying Active

When the weather outside is frightful and the fire inside is so delightful, no one could blame you for curling up at home with family to watch a movie or tell stories. That’s great! Enjoy that time, but keep in mind that your mind and body will thank you for incorporating some physical movement into your daily routine.

If you have access to a gym or outdoor environment that is cohesive to an existing workout schedule, it’s highly recommended that you keep your body moving in accordance with what it’s used to. Too much deviation from your program will reset your body’s tolerance and make it difficult to pick those good habits back up. The key to a healthy holiday is to keep your body mindful of all the healthy habits you’ve already established, and to remind your body that it’s still capable of everything it normally does- even when it’s surrounded by eggnog refills and cozy fireplaces.

Make Sure To Get Your Sleep

Being home for the holidays or hosting friends and family who have come to visit can disrupt our sleeping patterns. Staying out late and sleeping in make for a fun handful of days, but that behavior can also lead to a pretty rude awakening once your vacation ends. 

Prioritize your sleep schedule by making an effort to avoid caffeine and sugar late in the evenings. Plan to be up in the morning in time for breakfast or perhaps even a little morning exercise. Give yourself a reason not to sleep in too much! You might do a few quick calculations and figure out how your vacation agenda compares to your everyday schedule. 

For instance, if you normally need to be up and going at 6 AM, then sleeping in until noon each day you’re off for the holidays might come back to bite you when it’s time to get back to “normal.” However, using this holiday season to catch up on sleep that you might have been missing out on recently is also a great way to have a healthy holiday!

Keep Food And Drink Balanced

Food goes hand in hand with the holidays. After all, what’s a cozy Christmas dinner without the promise of hot cocoa in the evening? It’s totally fine to treat yourself and enjoy the festivities, but your body will benefit greatly from maintaining a balanced diet of nutritious food. A healthy holiday doesn’t have to mean giving up all the festivities.

Keep moderation in mind. Indulging in the goodies that you’ve spent the day cooking or the special treats made by your grandmother is absolutely ok… as long as you mix some fruits and veggies in there too. Making meals out of Santa’s cookies and milk may not be the way to go, but by making sure to balance your nutritional needs before you head to the dessert table, you’ll find that all those goodies won’t make you won’t feel quite as naughty.

MD365 Can Help Make It A Healthy Holiday

If you need to schedule an appointment or have a non-emergency medical issue this holiday season, call MD365™. We can help you identify the cues your body is giving you if it needs any professional assistance. Make an appointment with us, and we’ll work with you to set you up to enjoy a very healthy holiday.

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