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How Asymptomatic Children Spread COVID-19 to Others

Everyone is dealing with the stress of trying to keep themselves and their families safe from contracting COVID-19, but it might not be as simple as religious hand washing and wearing masks in public. COVID-19 can be asymptomatic for up to at least two weeks after being infected, and children have a higher chance of being infected without showing symptoms. Tests for COVID-19 are becoming more widely available, but they aren’t accessible enough right now. Here’s everything you need to know about asymptomatic children and how they can spread the virus without even knowing. If you think you or anyone in your family has been exposed, schedule a televisit with MD365® right away. 

How Children can be Infected Without Knowing

With some infections, childrens’ bodies can quietly fight the bacteria off without showing any symptoms. This seems to be the case for COVID-19. Some young children are safer from COVID-19 than the general population, but not because they can’t contract it. Their bodies are strong enough to fight and kill the infection before symptoms start showing, but they can still infect other people. That’s why it’s still important to prevent exposing them to the virus. 

How to Prevent the Spread if You’ve Been Exposed

If anyone in your family has the virus, allow them to isolate. If you’ve been around your infected family member recently, you also need to self-isolate. Even if you don’t feel sick, it’s important to stay home for at least two weeks. You could be an asymptomatic carrier, which means you can still infect others. If you start to experience symptoms of COVID-19, stay home and schedule a televisit with one of the experienced physicians at MD365®. 

Do Asymptomatic Infections Still Produce Antibodies?

Most people who are infected, even those who don’t show any symptoms, develop antibodies to the virus which can lower the risk of being infected again. If those who have developed antibodies come into contact with the virus again, their bodies have a greater chance of fighting it off faster. This reduces the chance of re-infection, but it doesn’t eliminate them. Some people have been infected multiple times, but we won’t know how likely it is until more information comes out. 

Think You’ve Been Infected? Call MD365® Today

If you suspect you’ve been infected with COVID-19, it’s important to act fast. The safest way to get medical help for COVID-19 is scheduling a televisit. Doctors can speak with you about your symptoms, diagnose you, and send prescriptions to your local pharmacy over a phone or video call. At MD365®, our experienced physicians and nurse practitioners are available for televisits whenever you need one. Whether you’re dealing with COVID-19 or any other health concerns, get treatment fast without having to leave your home. At MD365®, we’re dedicated to giving our patients respectful, thorough service at a lower price than other clinics. Our team is equipped to treat nearly any health concern, but if we can’t help you, we’ll refer you to a specialist who can. Visit our website to schedule your televisit today.



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