Five Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Physician in New York

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One of the most important decisions you can make is who will be the primary care physician you decide to entrust your health to. It can be more complicated than you think! This is the medical professional that you will rely on when you’re feeling at your worst – the one who will help you navigate through the unexpected. So, to give you a starting point on how you should approach selecting a primary care physician in New York, here are five tips to take to heart.

1. Always Trust Your Instincts

We feel this is important to start with: always trust your instincts. This is a big decision you have ahead, and if you have any reservations about a doctor, it’s OK to keep looking. One of the most crucial things to pay attention to at your first appointment, or even at a consultation, is their bedside manner. Did he or she take their time with you? Did you feel rushed at all? Did you feel that you could ask questions, and were they answered in a comprehensive way?

2. What Is the Office Like?

It’s important to observe what kind of office a primary care physician works out of. This goes beyond the physical office, which should be clean and organized, and reaches to the attitudes of the staff as well. Are they polite and approachable? If they aren’t, this could be a deterrent. You should always feel valued as a patient, not treated like you are just another one of the many patients seen each day. To get a feel for the office, try placing a cold call to see how you are spoken to.

3. Keep Your Particular Needs in Mind

If you plan to stay in the area indefinitely, your primary care physician could be your go-to for years. With that being said, select a doctor who will be able to help you with your current medical needs, as well as those that may arise in the future. Determine their specialties, and if you have a particular condition, make sure that they are knowledgeable in that area.

4. Do Your Research

This can be applied to many of your life decisions, and that doesn’t change when selecting your primary care physician. It’s all on you to make sure that the candidates you choose from are reputable. Ask your family and friends for recommendations, check to see if they are board certified through Certification Matters, and ask if your insurance company has any information on in-network physicians.

5. Check Your Coverage

Before you fall in love with the perfect primary care physician, it’s important to check your insurance coverage to make sure you can see them. You can do this by calling their office, visiting their website, or contacting your insurance provider. Out-of-network health services are expensive, so review your coverage before you start narrowing down your list.

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