Employer Services (Occupational Health)

At MD365® we offer the following broad range of Occupational Health Services at competitive prices and are customizable to the needs of the Employers.

 If you are an Employer interested in our Employer (Occupational Health) services please contact us via info@md365.org. 

COVID-19 Services:

We help employers develop policies & best workplace practices to prevent COVID 19 transmissions at workplace, screening & rapid assessment of employees with suspected symptoms and provide doctors note when fit to return to work

DOT Physical Exams:

MD365 Physicians are certified in DOT exam. You can walk-in and get DOT Physical at any time.

Employee Physical & Screening Services:

We also provide a broad range of screening services and Physicals that are customizable to the needs of Employers.

Respiratory Evaluation:

We perform respiratory services such as N-95 respirator fit testing, Spirometry, Silicosis screening

Workplace Injuries:

We evaluate work place injuries, including needle stick injuries, provide referral services if needed

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