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Should I Go to the Emergency Room or the Urgent Care Center?

Learn how to decide if you should visit the ER or closest urgent care center.

When an injury occurs, your first thought might be that you should go straight to the emergency room. However, there is another alternative for non-life-threatening minor injuries and illnesses. An urgent care center can be an excellent choice if you need to see experienced doctors or nurse practitioners, but don\’t need or want to spend the money on an expensive trip to the emergency room.

Urgent Care Center vs. Emergency Room

It is important to note that urgent care centers are similar, but also different than emergency rooms. As its name suggests, an emergency room is meant to be used for true medical emergencies. Emergency rooms are typically open 24/7 and are capable of handling trauma-based injuries, surgical procedures, diagnostic x-rays, and providing treatment for other types of life-threatening situations.

An urgent care center is typically staffed with doctors and nurse practitioners who can treat a wide range of non-life-threatening illnesses and minor injuries. Many urgent care centers are open on the weekends, during holidays, and later in the evening. Like emergency rooms, urgent care centers typically have x-ray machines and labs onsite to better help with the diagnostic and treatment phases.

Get the Treatment You Need for Non-Life-Threatening Illnesses and Minor Injuries

Have you suffered from a severe burn, sprain, minor injury, frostbite, or an infection? Whether you need help handling heat exhaustion, have contracted strep throat, or are suffering from a broken bone or severe cuts and scrapes, an urgent care center is often the best choice.

In fact, treating unexpected injuries and illnesses on the weekend, over the holidays, or throughout the day is made easier when you turn to the trusted doctors at an urgent care center. The doctors and nurse practitioners at an urgent care center will know the latest medications and treatments required for your symptoms.

Discover a High-Quality Walk-In Urgent Care Center in New York

At MD365®, we are dedicated to providing high-quality health care services to all of our patients. When an unexpected illness or minor injury occurs, you can avoid treatment delays by simply arriving at our walk-in urgent care center. Once you arrive, let the front desk receptionist know that you need to see a doctor or nurse practitioner for treatment. We will do our best to ensure that you see a doctor or nurse as quickly as possible.

Whether you have an infection, are suffering from a broken bone, or have another ailment, the team of trusted doctors and nurse practitioners at MD365® are ready to serve you with kindness and compassion. If you have time, you can choose to schedule an appointment online before you arrive. No matter whether you choose to walk in or schedule an appointment ahead of time, we look forward to providing the medical treatment that you need to feel relief from your symptoms.



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We offer walk-in visits as well. Wait times may vary depending on the time of the day.

When you arrive to our facility, please ask our staff to register you for patient portal, which will give you access to view your records, lab results, medications, vitals, request medication refills, message providers, etc.

Fees: $200.00 + Costs for required Blood Tests & Vaccinations.

Services include:

  • Medical Examination by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • All USCIS Required Blood Tests and Vaccinations.
  • Completion of a Sealed and Certified Form I-693