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Diet Changes to Increase Your Energy Levels

People experience diminished energy levels for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to a serious underlying condition. But more often than not, you can give yourself an energy boost just by making some simple changes to your diet. A lot of people make poor diet choices based on convenience, but they don’t necessarily provide the necessary nutrients to help you ride out the day. Below, we’ll explain what foods decrease your energy and which foods you should try out to improve your energy and general health. 

What Foods Cause Decreased Energy?

A lot of crowd favorites don’t do much to boost your energy. It’s okay to eat junk food sparingly, but try to be more strategic about the food you’re ingesting. It should be good for your health and energy first and foremost. If you have a calorie deficit then you can fill up on a bit of processed food. 

Processed Grains– A lot of people think that carbs are bad for you. This isn’t true. The carbohydrates in most grains are a good source of energy. What you need to look out for are processed grains found in white bread, pasta, and rice. These cause an initial spike in blood sugar and insulin levels, followed by an energy drop. This is because they’re digested and absorbed too quickly to provide lasting energy. 

Sugar– Sugary foods might energize you initially. However, foods with sugar additives like breakfast cereal, yogurt, ice cream, soda, and more will eventually deplete your energy levels. They have little fiber and a lot of sugar which causes energy highs and crashes. Ultimately, many people become dependent on their daily sugar fix, but it’s not good for your health or energy. 

What Foods Should You Be Eating to Increase Energy?

Whole Grains– These are the good carbs. Whole grains help regulate your blood sugar levels so you maintain your energy throughout the day. They also still have the germ which has key nutrients that help maintain energy levels. You can find B Vitamins in the germ, which your body uses to create energy and helps avoid an energy crash later in the day. 

Fatty Fish– Fish like salmon, tuna, and trout are full of protein, fatty acids, and B vitamins which are all nutrients you should incorporate into your diet. Omega-3 fatty acids have proven to reduce inflammation and fatigue in many people. The B12 vitamins in the fish also work with folate to help increase iron in red blood cells– reducing fatigue and increasing energy. 

Brown Rice– Earlier we said to avoid rice when possible. However, brown rice is a much more nutritious option than white rice. It’s less processed and has more fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It has a low glycemic index and regulates your blood sugar levels. Then you won’t experience the dreaded energy peaks and plummets. 

Water– This one isn’t food, but it’s important to your health and energy. It’s important to drink enough food throughout the day. If you don’t you may become dehydrated and experience exhaustion and reduced cellular function. Women should drink about 11. 5 cups of water each day, and men should consume 15.5 cups. 

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