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Can you Catch COVID-19 from Doing These Things?

After dealing with COVID-19 for months now, a lot of us miss being able to be around loved ones and spend time with people like we used to. This has raised a lot of questions about the do’s and don’ts of social gatherings and physical interactions, so here’s what you need to know about preventing the spread of COVID-19 during public activities.


Hugging can be very risky in the time of COVID, so it’s important to be selective about who you hug. Only keep hugging between you and a few people you care about the most, as long as they’re following social distancing guidelines and not at a high risk of being infected. When you hug, be sure both of you are holding your breaths and keep it only a few seconds long. Immediately step back (at least six feet), turn your heads away from each other, and exhale. Hugging outdoors also puts you at slightly less risk than hugging in an enclosed space.


It’s best not to kiss strangers or anybody you don’t live with, but what about kissing your partner when you’re quarantined together? Sustained exposure to another person’s body, breath, and saliva is more than enough to transmit the virus, but only if one of you is infected. Be sure you and your partner are wearing masks, practicing social distancing in public, washing your hands frequently and abstaining from touching your face. If one of you starts showing symptoms of the virus, it’s best to self-isolate while both partners get tested.

Playing Sports

It certainly is possible to catch COVID-19 from sports equipment surfaces like balls and protective gear, but it isn’t likely as long as you’re washing your hands and sanitizing these surfaces frequently. Sports where you aren’t very close to other players for prolonged periods of time are safer than sports like wrestling, where both participants are almost always restricted to a small fighting cage and making some kind of physical contact. Of course, if you start experiencing symptoms of the virus, keep yourself healthy and your sports team safe by skipping practice and getting tested.

Being Outside

Moving your social gatherings outside is a great way to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Wind helps air disperse quickly and reduces your chances of inhaling are with COVID-19 particles, but you should still take precautions. If you get too close to others, spend too much time socializing, or don’t take safety precautions like mask wearing and social distancing, you’re more likely to be exposed to the virus, even outdoors. An occasional outdoor gathering with social distancing guidelines in place is the best way to spend time with the people you care about while staying as safe as possible, but it’s still important to refrain from being around other people too often.

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