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Are Urgent Care Centers in Shirley, NY Expensive?

The entire point of an urgent care center in Shirley, NY, is for convenience. But we all know that convenience tends to cost quite a bit of money upfront. When it comes to urgent care, your other option is visiting an emergency room. There, the costs associated with proper health care can be double or triple that of an urgent care facility. That’s not to say all urgent care is cheap, though. There are some that may be just as expensive as an emergency room. Then, there are those that save you money via affordable health care solutions in Shirley, NY.

The Cost of Urgent Care

The total cost of urgent care in Shirley, NY, varies depending on your needs more than anything else. Then, you have insurance factors. If you are an insured patient, your costs will vary drastically when compared to an uninsured patient. Generally, you pay for the cost of the visit, additional services, any scheduled tests, and treatment procedures. These include:

  • Medications & Injections – Most uninsured patients will pay a premium for medications, injections, and IVs. If you do not have health insurance, informing the medical staff can have its benefits. For instance, many health care facilities will find generic substitutes to lower the cost of medications.
  • Tests – There are a number of tests, including x-rays, that add on to the total price at an urgent care facility. The cost depends on the test. Some tests are significantly more expensive than others. However, it’s important to note that most testing and x-rays are significantly cheaper when performed at an urgent care center when compared to an emergency room.
  • Broken Bones – Lastly, most urgent care centers will handle broken bones. If you have a broken bone or sprain, the cost of casting or bracing the bone will be yet another additional cost. Unfortunately, bracing is often more expensive than casting, as the patients will keep the expensive brace, whereas casting uses gauze.

Urgent Care Costs and Health Care Insurance

Generally speaking, insurance will cover the majority of your urgent care visit. However, the amount you pay out of pocket will vary depending on a few factors, such as:

  • Whether you have previously met your deductible for the year.
  • Your total co-pay on your insurance policy.
  • Whether your insurance plan has co-insurance included.
  • Whether the urgent care center is within your insurance network or outside of it.

On average, the co-pay at an urgent care facility is between $25 and $75 with insurance. This price can vary, though, depending on what type of insurance you have and your carrier.

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Services include:

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