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Annual Wellness Visits for Medicare Patients

After years of hard work and dedicated service, it’s finally time to relax and savor retirement. This is a time for fun and new experiences. Your kids left home, you don’t have work responsibilities, and you have time and money at your disposal. There has never been a better time to explore your passions. 

Don’t risk falling short because certain preventable illnesses arise. These diseases and disorders may be caused by your age, genetics, or all of the hard work just catching up with you. That’s why it’s incredibly important to take full advantage of the Annual Wellness Visits covered by Medicare Part B. These visits are key to understanding what risk factors you’re up against and creating a plan to keep you in good shape, so you can truly enjoy yourself during the coming years. 

What is a Wellness Visit?

Annual Wellness Visits are covered under Medicare Part B after 12 months. Medicare recipients qualify for a free wellness check each year. These checkups are used to discuss preventative measures you should take throughout the year to maintain your health. Your primary care physician will formulate a personalized prevention plan based on your current health and projected risk. 

They may also perform a cognitive impairment assessment. During this assessment, the doctor will examine you for early signs of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, and various mood disorders. Doctors commonly look for Depression in older patients, because many people struggle with slowing down after retirement. This mood disorder can also impair thinking and function, so it’s important to monitor and treat it. 

Form a Personalized Prevention Plan

Your specialized prevention plan is designed to help prevent disease, illnesses, and disabilities. Preventive care and diagnostic testing are based on your current medical history. The prevention plan may also be influenced by your family history. 

First, you will fill out a “Health Risk Assessment” questionnaire. Then, the doctor will use your answers to develop a prevention plan to keep you healthy. You can expect the following during your appointment:

  • Review of medical and family history
  • Update list of current healthcare providers and prescriptions
  • Measure height, weight, blood pressure, and more
  • Take a cognitive impairment exam
  • Examine functional abilities to make sure you can do basic daily activities and hear
  • List risk factors and treatment options
  • Develop a 5-10 year screening schedule for preventive services

Cost to You

This Annual Wellness Visit is free so long as your physician is qualified and accepting appointments. The Part B deductible doesn’t apply to this service. However, you may be expected to pay coinsurance and the Part B deductible if your doctor needs to conduct additional tests and services during your visit that aren’t covered under preventive benefits on your insurance plan.  

Who Qualifies?

Generally, Medicare offers medical coverage to individuals 65 or older, young people with disabilities, or anyone with End Stage Renal Disease. Anyone with Medicare Part B health insurance coverage can utilize this service once a year for free.

MD365® Annual Wellness Visits

The doctors at MD365® are dedicated to providing excellent healthcare without the high costs commonly found in the American healthcare system. This standard creates inequitable care among different economic classes. High costs can be difficult for people at retirement age who are living on a fixed income. That’s why we’re proud to accept Medicare insurance plans so we can provide care to you and formulate preventive plans to enhance your long-term wellbeing without hurting your finances.



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We offer walk-in visits as well. Wait times may vary depending on the time of the day.

When you arrive to our facility, please ask our staff to register you for patient portal, which will give you access to view your records, lab results, medications, vitals, request medication refills, message providers, etc.

Fees: $200.00 + Costs for required Blood Tests & Vaccinations.

Services include:

  • Medical Examination by a Certified Civil Surgeon
  • All USCIS Required Blood Tests and Vaccinations.
  • Completion of a Sealed and Certified Form I-693