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Allergy Relief Remedies


Did you know that more than 50 million Americans experience allergies each year? This number continues to increase across all races, genders, and ages. As the seasons are changing, prepare yourself for these visiting allergies with allergy relief remedies. MD365® has listed a couple of home remedies to help you out. If the allergies remain persistent, feel free to schedule an appointment with our family physicians at MD365®.

What Is An Allergic Reaction?

An allergic reaction is when your immune system reacts to something that doesn’t bother other people. Allergies can cause a number of symptoms, including sneezing, runny nose, itching,  rashes, swelling, and even asthma. Some of the culprits for causing these reactions include pollen, dust mites, pet dander, mold spores, medications, food, and insect stings.

Simple and Natural Allergy Relief Remedies

The best treatment is to prevent allergies from occurring in the first place. Allergens are hard to avoid, but try to do it as much as possible. For example, if you know you are allergic to pet dander, maybe owning a pet isn’t the greatest idea for your health. Or, do some research and look into pets that you won’t be allergic to. If you know which medications give you allergies, make sure you let your family physician know so they can prescribe an alternative. With that said, here are a couple of home allergy relief remedies.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the most recommended ways of combating allergies. Good sources of vitamin C include peppers, broccoli, potatoes, strawberries, and Brussels sprouts. You can also get vitamin pills to take daily. 

Air Filters

Invest in an air filter for your home. HEPA filters are one type of filter that is very popular. These filters can trap airborne irritants like dust, pollen, and pet dander. This helps reduce the allergens in your environment.

Dehumidifiers and Air Conditioners 

Removing moisture from the air will help you limit the growth of mold and mildew. This is another common allergen, so the more you invest in removing moisture the better for your health.


According to a popular theory, eating locally produced honey should help with your allergies over time. It’s supposed to lower your reaction to the pollen in your area.

Drink More Often

If your nose feels stuffy or you have a postnasal drip from your allergies, drink water, juice, or nonalcoholic beverages. This will help thin the mucus in your nasal passages. For added benefits, tea, soups, and broths also have steam.

Eat Healthily

A healthy diet is always recommended by our family physicians at MD365™. This makes your body stronger and helps you combat allergy symptoms. Eat lots of vegetables, fruits, and nuts and include them in your daily meals.

Schedule an Appointment with MD365®

If you continue to experience severe symptoms or they don’t go away, schedule an appointment with our family physicians at MD365®. We are located in Shirley, New York, and offer care 365 days of the year. Let’s improve your health and ease your symptoms by scheduling an appointment today.



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